Normal Girl

What is normal anyway?

I never considered myself normal- I actually considered myself pretty abnormal. I didn’t really like the same things that others did, or I never was interested in things that other people in my age group were. My dry humor as well as my varying interpretation of things can be considered some of my most noticeable qualities.

I know , this is already sounding like my typical “I’m sooo weird, I’m different” type of posts. But it’s not. It’s more of a “be yourself” type of post. My goal in life is to be successful, and of course to be happy, but most of all I want to be myself.

I want to be 85 years old reminiscing on all the dumb and awkward things, and how far I’ve gotten all while “riding my own wave”. I want to tell my nieces stories of all the dumb things I did at 20 that made me not only question my sanity, but made me laugh. i want to look at old pictures and videos and remember the memories behind them, and how spontaneous ideas became great memories. At the end of the day, we weren’t meant to be anyone but ourselves right?

Our time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

-Steve Jobs 


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