KTSE: The First Impression

Yesterday Teyana Taylor released her second studio album K.T.S.E– which stands for “Keep That Same Energy”. Teyana first gained popularity for her dancing abilities that allowed her to choreograph for, The Queen B herself, followed by the release of her Debut single “Google Me” which reached #90 on Billboard’s Hot R&B and Hip-Hop Chart. Since Teyana’s commencement into the music industry, she has grown as an artist and led to her being signed by Kanye West’s label G.O.O.D. Music in 2012. She currently remains in the spotlight due to her relationship with NBA player Iman Shumpert as well as her mind-blowing appearance in Kanye West’s Fade music video where she showed off her amazing physique, which was shot 3 weeks after the birth of her and Iman’s first child. Many have anticipated her release of this album due to rumors of its creation for about two years, and she finally gave us the opportunity to listen.

1. No Manners

This very short song features an amazing piano and violin- based instrumental, with lyrics describing a man who she loves. She sings about how her man is so handsome, and how she “holds him ransom” She also states “I got a man, but ain’t got no manners”, which could possibly reference her carefree attitude- even though she is married, she’s still her own person and will act as such.

2. Gonna Love Me

Teyana affirms her love for her man in this song. Even though their relationship isn’t perfect, their love for each other is still based on love, and she still wants him to be the man she falls asleep and wakes up next to every night. She wants them to work out their issues because they belong together- for better or for worse.

3. Issues/ Hold On

Teyana explains how she’s fighting with her partner to keep their relationship going. She urges her partner to keep things real with her, even though she acknowledges that both of them are far from angels. She explains how her upbringing has played a part in the lack of trust for men that she currently possesses. She wants her partner to bear with her as she tries to heal from past hurt and to hold on to her.

4. Hurry

This song, which features Kanye West himself, is Teyana asking for her man’s affection. This track gives me the vibes of an early 2000’s song, with a more modern and explicit flare. She uses a soft voice and relaxing instrumental as an innuendo for her maturity.

5. 3Way

Teyana explains how she will take any measure to keep her man happy and satisfied- even if it involves bringing another woman. She even says it herself in the song- two hands are better than one. This song also has a Ty Dolla $ign- who we all know is no stranger to songs of this nature.

6. Rose in Harlem

This song features a sample of a Stylistic’s song which sings the title of the song. Teyana uses the rose as the personification for herself. She is the rose who grew out of Harlem’s concrete. She sings (and even attempts to rap!) about how she worked and stayed on her grind to make it out of the ‘hood. She uses her betrayal from family and even friends as a muse for this song, and urges anyone who is trying to make it to not “get caught up”.

7. Never Would Have Made It

The chorus to this song pays homage to Marvin Sapp’s gospel song of the same name. Teyana uses this track to serve as a thank you to everyone who helped her achieve what she has done thus far. She specifically takes the time out to thank her mother, who she states told her everything she knows. The song ends with an audio recording of Teyana speaking to her daughter Junie.

8. WTP

The album ends with this song- which gives off ’70s club vibes with a mix of early hip-hop special effects. This song is the epitome of what I picture Teyana Taylor to be: a fierce and fabulous girl who comes alive in the night and still keeps her street attitude close to her.


Overall, I feel that this album was the perfect way for Teyana Taylor to remind people that she isn’t just a “basketball wife” or “the girl from GOOD Music”- she has a voice of her own (peep the double entendre). I enjoyed the samples because they played a part in giving this album an overall chill and relaxing tone. However, many of the recent album releases have only been about 7 or 8 songs, and this album being that same length left me a bit disappointed because I wanted waayyy more from her. I must admit that if she did want to remind the people out there who she was, this album did a great job of doing just that. I also hope that this means that we’ll be hearing more music from Teyana more often.

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