5 Food Spots That Will Make Your Summer Worthwhile

Though my summers are not ever really that hectic or wild, one thing that I like to do is experience different food styles and locations. One of the biggest benefits of living in New York City is that I’m able to do just that. Over the summer I was able to visit different places that I heard about through word of mouth, or through social media. Here are a few places that I had the chance to visit before this summer came to an end:

1. Benny’s Burritos- Greenwich Village

Pricing: This restaurant was very inexpensive. There is a $10 menu that I have attached an image of above. You have a choice of tacos, quesadillas, nachos, a burrito (obviously), and much more. Each meal under this $10 deal also comes with chips and salsa along with a beverage. My meal also came with rice and beans- a deal too good to refuse!

Atmosphere: The environment is very relaxing. This restaurant also has outdoor seating options which allows you to people watch as well as enjoy the nice weather on a nice day.

Overall Opinion: This restaurant has 3 factors that make it amazing: a great location, good food, and an amazing meal deal. This restaurant is located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood- making it a perfect spot to visit after a day spent at the Whitney Museum of American Art, a visit to the Samsung Store to experience their Virtual Reality technology, or even for a stroll down the High Line. I’ve also learned that this restaurant is also owned by Blockheads, a popular Mexican- style bar & brunch spot.

2. Chocolat- Harlem, NY


Pricing: This restaurant was pretty expensive, especially when taking into consideration the size of the portions.  I visited for brunch, which sadly did not include bottomless mimosas or bellinis- that was an extra charge.

Atmosphere: The environment was filled with good energy, as well as amazing service. Our server was nice and ensured that no guest had a mimosa-free cup. In addition, the music was amazing, as the person responsible for the music selection played my favorite and the most recent music by some of my favorite artists (Travis Scott, Migos, Drake, etc).

Overall Opinion: Though the restaurant was heavy on my pockets (especially since I’m very cheap), the energy of the location definitely made up for it. Being that it is located in Harlem- it’s only a few blocks away from 125th Street.

3. Harlem Shake- Harlem, NY


Pricing: This place was also inexpensive. All of the food purchased was moderately priced.

Atmosphere: There is inside seating, as well as outside seating that also gives you a view of the Harlem scenery. There is also amazing service, and even the customers are extremely nice to one another! But then again, who would be upset while being served such an amazing milkshake.

Overall Opinion: The milkshakes were great (and my lactose-intolerant being sadly falls head over heels for a good milkshake). However, when visiting I suggest ordering the milkshakes or the chicken- because my sister and I realized that the fries were not really much to desire. I would definitely visit again and would suggest it as a way to cure any cravings when in Harlem.

4. Takumi Taco- Chelsea


Pricing: This location was moderately priced, being that a two-person order will cost only $30.

Atmosphere: This location is placed right in the middle of  Chelsea Market, which causes it to be a bit busy. Nonetheless, the service is extremely fast, and I received my food in less than 5 minutes. Since the location is more of a kiosk type restaurant rather than a traditional chain store location, there is only bar-style seating which I didn’t consider a downside.

Overall Opinion: The blend of Japanese and Mexican food culture may seem like a shock to many, the food tasted pretty good, They offer drinks like sake sangria and food options like a bento box that includes two tacos along with a choice of many side orders. I personally ordered a chicken adobo taco as well as a shrimp taco, and both were seasoned amazingly.

5. Noches de Colombia- Nanuet, NY


Pricing: My friend and I did not have to break the bank to eat here either, where the average meal costs about $15. As you can see the portions are not too bad either (especially for someone like me who doesn’t exactly have the biggest appetite).

Atmosphere: The service was great- and our food was brought to us pretty fast. There is good music, but since this is a traditional Colombian restaurant most of it is in Spanish.

Overall Opinion: This was my first time ever visiting a Colombian restaurant, and I was very impressed. However, being that this restaurant is located in the Spring Valley area, I’d only be able to visit this location again when visiting some of my friends that live nearby. But with that being said, the food tasted amazing- I was specifically a huge fan of the smoothie as well as the beans that were served and included in my order. If you’re a native or are ever visiting this area I’d definitely recommend it.

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