#TheSelfCareSeries: The Intro

Hi, my name is Shalayna, and I ghosted everything and everyone for months with no explanation.

Not that I owe one to anyone anyway, but I guess we can have a little chat about that.

I sort of went ghost on a lot of people, and also abandoned this blog for a while. To keep a long story short (for now), I wasn’t taking care of myself, and it caught up to me.

From May to October, I got really sick on two separate occasions, leading to two separate hospital admissions- the latter causing me to be admitted for four days straight. The first was strep throat that ended up lasting for a whole month long- causing a between 30-40 lb weight loss since I couldn’t eat, and the second was a fever- two things that usually don’t hit as hard as they hit me. However, upon being admitted for the fever, I had an extremely high heart rate of 150 bpm. While going through numerous tests throughout that 4-day time span (I wasn’t discharged until my heart rate was in the ’80s), it was ultimately ruled that I have arrhythmia– which is essentially an irregular heart rate, and an autoimmune disease called Grave’s Disease.

Although I can’t really explain this condition in neither medical nor layman’s terms 100%, Grave’s disease affects your thyroid gland, which basically keeps your body “balanced”. When your thyroid hormones are imbalanced, it can affect things like your heart and other organs, and negatively impact things like sleep, your metabolism, muscle strength, etc.

Through this diagnosis, I learned that I really don’t take care of nor do I pay attention to the signs that my body is trying to show me. I’ve had an extremely high heartbeat since at least the beginning of 2019, and it took me going to the emergency room for a fever to realize that a preexisting condition was the actual cause of that. Both of my conditions are being closely monitored and treated by medicine that I can say is working pretty well for me. My heart rate is usually in the 80s, and the only time it reached 100 was when I was waiting for a prescription refill.


All in all, this whole experience not only showed how big of a support group I have through my family and close friends, but also kind of forced me to take care of myself not only physically but mentally. Immediately after getting out of the hospital, I started kickboxing to help regain my strength, since being sick for so long on two different occasions made my body extremely weak. Although my diet still isn’t the best, I’m currently researching the best workouts and diets for a condition like mine. I also try my best to eliminate any possible stressors before those also take a potential toll on my body. Spending some time alone, as well as getting the rest I need- and deserve is also helping me stay relaxed and not get as worried. And even as mentioned before, I have a really good support group that checks on me from time to time and even gives me some tips on workouts, diets, etc.

2020 we’re taking care of ourselves, period. 


Also, I don’t know who needs to hear this, but stop giving unsolicited “compliments” on someone’s weight if you’ve noticed a massive loss or gain. I will tell you I was sick with no remorse and make you feel bad.

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