#TreatYoSelf (part 2): A Black Business Mini Lookbook

Back in February, I created a post reviewing 5 different Black business and services. Since I enjoyed that experience, my friend Crystal and I decided to team up and compile a small list of clothing items from various black businesses, in order to focus more on apparel. In addition to being a close friend of mine, Crystal is also a fellow writer, a fashion/ sneaker enthusiast (check out her Instagram feature here!), Co-founder of We Aim Higher, Inc. , and founder of her own brand, ClarityNYC.

Below are a few of our current favorite pieces by some Black businesses that you may (or may not) know about:

*note: some products sold out in the process of us drafting this post*


  1. Spinal Cord Hoops (currently sold out): $111 | jeblanc
  2. Logan Heels (preorder): $275 | The Ekhator Label
  3. Vintage Initial Ring: $130 | Hustle with a Goal
  4. MOXI-102 Sunglasses: $285 | Coco and Breezy
  5. Foxtail Bracelet: starting at $75 | Divine Individual
  6. Vulcanized Shoes: $355 | Heron Preston
  7. Paisley Shopping Bag (currently sold out): $138 | Carlton Yaito
  8. Shopping Bag (restocked consistently): starting at $150 | Telfar


  1. FABS Uni-Tee: $50 | Visionary Society
  2. Titanium Grey Essential Longsleeve Body: $88 | Daily Paper
  3. Purple Tri- Tank (currently sold out): Cleair Monroe
  4. CUM Across It: $27 | Jezebel The Label
  5. Brown Strip T- Shirt: $150 | Eugene Taylor Brand
  6. Miya Knit Cardigan Dress: $209 | Hanifa
  7. Grey Unisex Jogger: $78 | Walker Wear
  8. 2- Way Tank Dress (Black): $175 | Dormeleven
  9. “Civilize Yourself” Long-Sleeve Tee: $175 | Pyer Moss

Though some of these products may be sold out, we highly suggest keeping up with these brands to see what else they have in store. I promise they won’t disappoint!

If you’d like to support Crystal further, her newly released Sincerely, A Woman tee is available for purchase now.

Keep up with Crystal!

blogger, designer, philanthropist

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