5 Black Content Creators You Should Support Now and Forever

It’s Black History month, and if there’s one thing I’m going to do- it’s support and promote those around me. Soooo, you all should’ve seen this coming.

Over time, I’ve really grown to understand the importance of networking and realized that the talents that you’re looking for could been right in front of you this whole time. In a 2017 interview with Roland Martin, Issa Rae discussed the importance of networking across instead of networking “up”. I feel that it’s imperative that we look at who’s next to us and try to build each other up instead of automatically aiming for the “top dogs”- and over time I’ve made that my personal mission as a content creator. So here’s 5 other content creators I highly recommend you support now and forever.

  1. The Queerlective


As the above Instagram bio states, The Queerlective is “a communal space for Black queer folk”. Afiya J., founder of the Queerlective conducts “mini interviews” where queer black people discuss different viewpoints and ideologies that they have in life, their journeys with their identities, and then some. On the Queerlective’s Instagram, you can find things like self-love/ self-care tips for queer people, posts paying homage to Black queer historical figures, and even seasonal content like this month’s Queerentine’s Day cards using quotes by queer Black celebrities. As allies, it’s very important to look at things through a lens other than yours, and I think the Queerlective is a good place to start. HOWEVER, if the bio didn’t make it clear, allies are welcome to follow and support, but this communal space is meant for Black queer people and their voices- and only them.

2. Crunchin With Chlo


Crunchin With Chlo is a food blog providing recipes, restaurant recommendations from all over the country (and world), and more. The founder Chloe promotes healthy eating- while also promoting maintaining a healthy relationship with food. Chloe uses her expertise gained through her acquisition of her Master’s in Public Health to give her own personal insights on what makes food “good for you”. Chloe also participates in Instagram lives discussing developing healthy relationships with food and how certain disparities can alter one’s access to said healthy foods. On Crunchin With Chlo, it’s deeper than food, and for those who follow different eating preferences- there are also recipes and recommendations for you there too!

3. The Binded App


The Binded App is an in-development mobile app that is intended to serve as a safe space for BIPOC, womxn, and the LGBTQ+ community. However, the app’s current launch state has not stopped founder Alyssa from giving us the content we need. The Binded App’s mission is “to provide a place of connection to the most underrepresented groups in America… The Binded App provides a Personal Vent Room among relevant categories to allow you to witness your personal growth over time.” On the app’s Instagram page you’ll find different affirmations you can adopt for yourself, tips on self-care, journaling, inclusivity, and more. I heard Binded App has a few series and projects in development as we speak (but you didn’t hear that from me)- so stay tuned!

4. Kollection Brand


Kollection Brand was first brainstormed by founder Kianna in 2016, but was finally able to launch in August of 2020. “I basically started it (Kollection Brand) because I saw issues within the streetwear community that I felt I could fix, whether it was gender inclusivity or functionality of “street” clothes. So with each product that was made, I tried to fix or resolve these issues I’ve faced. The pre-shrunk quality of the clothes was one of the most important things to me because I wanted people to be able to take care of & wear their clothes without worrying it’ll shrink or that the graphics will fade.”, stated Kianna. I had the opportunity to purchase from Kollection’s first product launch and I can attest to the fact that the products do indeed have amazing quality. Her first kollection (pun intended) definitely caught my eye, so I have so much faith the next. I’d highly suggest keeping up with Kollection because the brand will be back with more heat sooner than we think!

5. WavyWMN



WavyWMN is described as “a community and platform celebrating Black womxn wavers all over the world. Shifting conversations around the textured beauty of our natural hair, creating space digitally in the age of COVID-19.” Founded by Amber in January of 2020, WavyWMN features womxn who have decided to cut their hair (or keep their length) and embrace their waves. WavyWMN features a “Wavie of the Month”, a Founders Corner where Amber talks about all things wavy, provides hair care tips/ tricks, and is also in the process of building up a directory of barbers and stylists who specialize in black hair. Follow and subscribe to WavyWMN to keep up with the brand, and don’t forget to DM, tag or use the hashtag #wavywmn to be featured!

Don’t forget to check out these amazing creators and keep up with their content- I promise it’ll be worth it!

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